GrapeSwap — First BSC Gamified Yield Farming Staking

March/2021 — Great news! We have launched our Grape Stake Gamified

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In summary, in our staking feature, in addition to having the best pairs of stake and yields, you can add powers with Grape-Up Tokens.

How Grape-Ups works?

To start we created 8 new power-up tokens and when you buy one or all, N times, you multiplies your staking gains, according each grape-up token power.

Let see each one and the currently power (we can change the power without previous notice). All powers are during stake period and until unstake.

#GUMMYGrape-Up Yummy — Stake target gains x2 for 3 minutes
#GU2TASTYGrape-Up Double Tasty — Stake target gains x10 for 5 minutes
#GUICEPOP Grape-Up Ice Pop — Stake target gains x20 for 10 minutes
#GUFESTGrape-Up Festival — Stake target gains x50 for 30 minutes
#GUJETGrape-Up Turbo Jet — Stake target gains x100 for 60 minutes
#GUFORTGrape-Up Fortress — Stake target gains x700 for 20 minutes
#GUIMPGrape-Up Imperial — Stake target gains x2000 for 15 minutes
#GUDMD- Grape-Up Diamond — Stake target gains x3000 for 5 minutes
#GURUBY- Grape-Up Ruby — Stake target gains x7000 for 10 minutes

#grapeswap #grapestaking



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