The $GrapeSwap Rewards launched !

GrapeSwap Rewards
GrapeSwap Rewards



Get Unexpected Prizes with GrapeSwap Rewards


If you meet the requirements you can won prizes playing these games:

  • GrapeSwap Moment

Why HODL $GRAPE Tokens is a good idea?

The image below is better than 1000 words!

We think out of the box and the Grape Swap team are working hard to create the better DeFi utility token economic ecosystem.

Become a “Graper”


March/2021 — Great news! We have launched our Grape Stake Gamified

Follow and enjoy

In summary, in our staking feature, in addition to having the best pairs of stake and yields, you can add powers with Grape-Up Tokens.

How Grape-Ups works?

To start we created 8 new power-up tokens and when you buy one or all, N times, you multiplies your staking gains, according each grape-up token power.

Let see each one and the currently power (we can change the power without previous notice). All powers are during stake period and until unstake.

#GUMMYGrape-Up Yummy — Stake target gains x2 for 3 minutes #GU2TASTYGrape-Up Double Tasty

GrapeSwap burning strategy and execution Updates

We know how important a burning strategy and execution is for the evolution of the token in the DeFi market.

We do not believe in crystal ball so whenever possible we will update here the most accurate information about burning Grape Token.

  • 2021-April — We believe that a huge economic ecosystem is better than burning at this moment.

Our best for continually delivery DeFi features

  • GrapeSwap Swap and Liquidity Pool: DONE | link|2021-January
  • GrapeSwap Staking + Power UP: DONE | link | 2021-February
  • GrapeSwap Instant Buy: DONE | link| 2021-February
  • GrapeSwap Farming LP token pairs: DONE | link| 2021-March
  • GrapeSwap Rewards: DONE | link| 2021-March
  • GrapeSwap Analytics: DONE | link | 2021-April
  • GrapeSwap Ultimate Gain: DONE| link| 2021-April

GrapeSwap V2: plan | 2021-May/June

  • GrapeSwap Order Book: plan | 2021-June
  • GrapeSwap Burning models: plan | 2021-June
  • GrapeSwap Cross-Chain: plan | 2021-June
  • GrapeSwap Lottery: plan | 2021-June
  • GrapeSwap Audit and Voting system: plan | 2021-July
  • GrapeSwap & Lidia Ultra Wallet: plan | 2021-August
  • GrapeSwap & Lidia Payment…

Grape Token Details

Token Breakdown

  1. 80% (800,000,000) — Public Offering at Grape Swap Tools: Grape Token Treasury, Liquidity Pool, Staking, Farming, Lottery, Rewards Program and others.
  2. 20% (200,000,000) — Development team — Vesting Period: 2021 (30%) | 2022 (20%) | 2023 (20%) | 2024 (30%)


Yes, we have a strategy to burning amount of GRAPE tokens. This plan will be released soon


Is an automated market maker (“AMM”) at BSC — for investors and entrepreneurs — a Lidia finance framework

The best DeFi Binance Smart Chain functions:

- Swap
- Staking
- Farming
- Lottery
- Liquidity Provider
- and more are coming

Official WebSite:

Lidia Decentralized Finance Framework WebSite:

Telegram Group:

Grape BSC Smart Contract:
Grape Contracts Code:
Grape Token Code:


GrapeSwap — Is an automated market maker (“AMM”) at BSC — for investors and entrepreneurs — a Lidia finance framework

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